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Table 5 Treatment effects on metabolizable protein and amino acid supply 1 versus requirements 2

From: Influence of ruminal degradable intake protein restriction on characteristics of digestion and growth performance of feedlot cattle during the late finishing phase

  Urea fermentation potential
Item 0 0.6 1.2
Metabolizable protein, g/d    
Supply 688 600 565
Requirement 613 574 493
Metabolizable methionine, g/d    
Supply 12.4 10.6 9.9
Requirement 12.3 11.5 9.9
Metabolizable lysine, g/d    
Supply 39.2 32.9 30.1
Requirement 39.3 36.7 31.5
  1. 1Metabolizable protein supply estimated as 80% undegraded intake crude protein and microbial crude protein entering small intestine (Trial 1), adjusted for level of intake. Metabolizable amino acid supply based on diet composition and corresponding tabular amino acid composition of undegradable intake protein for individual feed ingredients and average amino acid composition of ruminal bacteria (NRC, [17]).
  2. 2Metabolizable protein and amino acid requirements based on average body weight and daily weight gain (Trial 2; NRC, [17], Level 1).