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Table 2 Experimental design: dietary regimens for the pigs born from two groups of sires with medium and high weight gain potentials

From: Effects of sires with different weight gain potentials and varying planes of nutrition on growth of growing-finishing pigs

Sire group   Grower Finisher
Plane of nutrition (PN) Phase 1 Phase 2 PN Phase 1 Phase 2
  Diet1) Days Diet1) Days Diet1) Days2) Diet1) Days2)
Medium weight gain potential High (H) H 26 H 29 H H 28 or 29 M 38 to 42
Medium (M) M 27 M 29  
Low (L) L 29 L 28 L L 35 or 36 L 45 or 46
High weight gain potential H H 26 H 29 M M 30 or 31 L 37 or 38
M M 27 M 29  
  L L 29 L 28 L L 37 L 38
  1. 1)See Table 1 for the nutritional composition of the diets for the high (H)-, medium (M)-, and low (L)-planes of nutrition during each phase.
  2. 2)See Tables 4 and5 for more details.