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Table 2 Nursery phase (P)-feeding programs (treatments): experimental design

From: Effects of varying nursery phase-feeding programs on growth performance of pigs during the nursery and subsequent grow-finish phases

  7 days   7 days   7 days   12 days
High1 Nursery P 1 T2 Nursery P 2 T3 Nursery P 3
Medium1 Nursery P 2 T3 Nursery P 3
Low1 Nursery P 2 T2 Nursery P 3 T3 High-plane grow-finish P 1
  1. 1Indicated group of nursery pigs received the indicated diets between d 21 and 54 of age. All pigs received the medium-plane grow-finish phases 1, 2, and 3 diets during days 54-96, 96-135, and 135-182 of age, respectively. See Table 1 for nutritional values of the diets.
  2. 2,3Transition with 20 and 30 kg of mixtures of two diets of the adjoining phases, respectively.