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Table 1 Calculated chemical composition of the basal diet 1) (as-fed basis)

From: Effects of a lipid-encapsulated zinc oxide supplement on growth performance and intestinal morphology and digestive enzyme activities in weanling pigs

Item Content
DE, MCal/kg 3.34
Crude protein (%) 16.50
Ether extract (%) 3.91
Lysine (%) 1.21
Zn (ppm) 100, 250, or 2,500
  1. 1)The composition of ingredients, which was grains-soy-whey-based, was reported previously [11]. Experimental diets were manufactured by supplementing the basal diet containing no Zn additive with 125 or 3,125 ppm of native ZnO or 139 to 355 ppm of Shield Zn® (CTCBIO, Seoul) encapsulated with 8%, 10%, or 12% lipid (w/w) to provide 100, 250, or 2,500 ppm of Zn.