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Table 6 Effects of feeding by-product feed-based silage on feeding rate, rumination efficiency, and chewing efficiency in growing Hanwoo heifers

From: Effects of by-product feed-based silage on feeding, rumination, and excretion in growing Hanwoo heifers

Item Diet 1) with SE p-value
Eating rate3) 1,365.8b 1,751.6b 3,016.6a 167.1 0.0001
Ruminating efficiency4) 857.6b 1,446.6a 1,516.7a 119.5 0.0007
Chewing efficiency5) 525.2c 788.4b 1,003.9a 50.2 0.0001
  1. 1)The three diets were as follows: RS (free access to rice straw); RSBFS (free access to rice straw and BF-based silage); and BFS (free access to BF-based silage).
  2. 2)BF-based silage (BFS) was a by-product feed-based silage, which was composed of 50% spent mushroom substrate, 21% recycled poultry bedding, 15% ryegrass straw, 10.8% rice bran, 2% molasses, 0.6% bentonite, and 0.6% microbial culture, and was ensiled for over 2 weeks.
  3. 3)Voluntary intake (DM g/d)/feeding time (h/d).
  4. 4)Voluntary intake (DM g/d)/rumination time (h/d).
  5. 5)Voluntary intake (DM g/d)/chewing time (h/d).
  6. a,b,cMeans with different superscripts within the same row are significantly different (p < 0.05).