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Table 7 Available energy value for canola meal (kcal/kg)a

From: A review of canola meal as an alternative feed ingredient for ducks

AMEn TME TMEn Reference
1980 2090 [13]b
2000 2070 [23, 40]c
2390 [23]c
2186 2764 2439 [14]d
2049 1964 [66]b
2390 [67]e
1910 [67]c
  1. Dashes indicate that no data were available
  2. aAbbreviations are AMEn Apparent metabolizable energy, N-corrected, TME True metabolizable energy and TMEn True metabolizable energy, N-corrected
  3. Animal used : bWhite Leghorn roosters, cBroilers, dWhite Pekin ducks, eLayer hen