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Table 1 Description of the database

From: Effects of season and age at first calving on genetic and phenotypic characteristics of lactation curve parameters in Holstein cows

No. of cows 72,946 No. of records 638,063
No. of sire 2584 No. of herd 724
No. of founders 51,612 No. of non-founders 72,949
No. of dam 61,867 Average No. progeny/sire 28.22
Year of calving 2002–2011 Average No. progeny/dam 1.17
Age at calving:   Milk yield:  
Average (month) 24.35 Average (kg) 29.12
aSD (month) 1.38 SD (kg) 7.07
Maximum (month) 32 Maximum (kg) 75.6
Minimum (month) 18 Minimum (kg) 2
  1. aStandard deviation