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Table 2 Comparison of Hanwoo embryos developed in serum-free culture medium and culture medium with serum after in vitro fertilization

From: Effects of culture media conditions on production of eggs fertilized in vitro of embryos derived from ovary of high grade Hanwoo

In vitro culture medium No. of oocytes cultured No. (%*) of embryos developed to
   2-cell Blastocyst Hatched blsatocyst
+10 % FBS 226 178(86.7) 28(12.4)a 12(5.3)a
IVMD 101 224 208(92.9) 86(38.4)b 76(33.9)b
IVD 101 284 256(90.1) 92(32.4)b 82(28.6) b
  1. *Percentage of the number of embryos cultured
  2. a,bValues with different superscripts in the same column were significantly different (p < 0.05)