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Fig. 1

From: Whole-transcriptome analyses of the Sapsaree, a Korean natural monument, before and after exercise-induced stress

Fig. 1

HeatMap showing hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed genes regulated by exercise. The log2Ratio for each significantly differentially expressed gene was used. Each column represents a Sapsaree individual, and each row represents a differentially expressed gene. Expression differences are shown in different colors; red indicates up-regulation after exercise, and green indicates down-regulation after exercise. The 525 genes were grouped into two clusters (C1 and C2). The dogs were divided into two groups. Group I included Cheongbaek, Rookie, Chaeum, Hwangryong, and Pyeonggang. Group II included Tong, Huimang, Pyeongtan, Hwangdol, and Bongsik

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