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Table 4 Method/protocol used to analyze manure samples

From: The effect of feeding high fat diet to beef cattle on manure composition and gaseous emission from a feedlot pen surface

Parameters Methods/protocol used
TN Recommended methods of manure analysis, A3769
Macro-Kjeldahl method (adapted from Kane, 1998)
K Recommended method of manure analysis, A3769
TP Recommended method of manure analysis, A3769
TC U.S. EPA method 415.1: Catalytic combustion and non-dispersive infrared detection (NDIR) method
CP Official Method 2001.11, AOAC International (2005) 18th ED., AOAC1 International Gaithersburg, MD, USA
NH3-N Sigma Technical Bulletin #640. Sigma Diagnostics, St. Louis, MO 63178
VFA Method of Goetsch and Galyean, 1983. Agilent 6890 N Gas Chromatograph with a FID (flame ionization detector) and the 7683 Series auto injector and auto sampler. Column used was the Supelco brand, NUKOL Fused Silica Column, 15 m × 0.53 mm × 0.5 um
  1. 1 AOAC Association of Official Agricultural Chemists