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Table 3 In situ effective degradability of dry matter (DM) and crude protein (CP) at two passage rates1, 2

From: In situ ruminal degradation characteristics of dry matter and crude protein from dried corn, high-protein corn, and wheat distillers grains

Item Soybean meal Wheat DDGS Corn DDGS HP-DDGS SE P value
Effective degradability of DM
K pB = 0.025, h−1 86.5a 76.0b 63.5c 50.5d 0.5 <0.001
K pB = 0.06, h−1 75.9a 67.0b 52.8c 38.7d 0.9 <0.001
Effective degradability of CP
K pB = 0.025, h−1 85.3a 82.3a 53.2b 39.3c 1.4 <0.001
K pB = 0.06, h−1 73.9a 71.2a 42.5b 28.6c 1.5 <0.001
  1. 1 DDGS distillers dried grains with solubles, HP-DDGS high-protein corn DDGS
  2. 2Means of 12 observations
  3. Effective degradability = A + B [K dB/(K dB + K pB)], where A = 53-μm filterable and soluble fraction, B = degradable fraction, C = undegradable fraction, K dB = degradation rate of degradable B fraction, and K pB = ruminal passage rate of degradable B fraction
  4. a−dMeans with different superscripts within the same row differ (P < 0.05)