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Table 7 Effect of clove extract supplementation on plasma immunoglobulin levels of black-meated fowls (21 d)a

From: Acute phase protein mRNA expressions and enhancement of antioxidant defense system in Black-meated Silkie Fowls supplemented with clove (Eugenia caryophyllus) extracts under the influence of chronic heat stress

  Treatmentb ET (supplemented clove, mg/kg)  
(μg/mL) TCc 0 200 400 600 SEM
IgA 273.6c 280.5c 313.2b 378.7a 387.5a 10.02
IgG 522.1c 595.0c 601.9b 642.6a 658.3a 9.21
IgM 66.59c 70.11c 79.04b 84.23a 90.42a 2.48
  1. a Data are means of 2 birds per replicate (5 birds per cage; 7 replicates per group). a–cMeans with common superscripts within a row not differ significantly (P < 0.05)
  2. b ET: Elevated temperature treatment (35 ± 2 °C); c TC: Thermoneutral temperature treatment (24 ± 2 °C)