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Table 1 Description of variables evaluated during thoracoscopy of calves chronically affected with BRD

From: Thoracoscopy as a safe and effective technique for exploring calves affected with bovine respiratory disease

Parameter abreviationa Descriptionb Score/Time of measurement Definition of score Further explanation
Animal T (°C) Rectal temperature at surgery
BW (kg) Body weight BW1 BW at surgery  
BW2 BW 22 d after surgery
BMP Breaths per minute BMP1 BPM pre-surgery
BMP2 BPM during surgery
BMP3 BPM post-surgery
F (mg/dL) Serum fibrinogen F1 F at surgery
F2 F 6 d after surgery
Technical t (min) Duration of surgery
EA (mL) Volume of extracted air
VS  (1–4) Visualization scope 1 Excellent Complete view of cranial lobes and between
2 Optimal Complete view of cranial lobes
3 Valid Peripheral view of cranial lobes
4 Invalid No view of cranial lobes
IQD  (1–3) Image quality descriptionc 1 Excellent  
2 Moderate
3 Bad
Safety PS  (1–4) Pain Score 1 None No sign of pain
2 Slight 1–3 vocalizations
3 Moderate >3 vocalizations
4 High >3 vocalizations and kicking
RT  (1–4) Recovery time 1 Immediate eating, drinking and/or ruminating during the first 15 min after surgery
2 Fast = RT 1 by 15–30 min after surgery
3 Medium = RT 1 by 30–60 min after surgery
4 Late = RT 1 at >60 min after surgery
RL  (1–3) Risk of lung perforation or laceration 1 Low >1 cm between cannula and lung
2 Medium ~1 cm between cannula and lung
3 High <1 cm between cannula and lung
IOC Intraoperative complications   Description
RC (%) Risk of threatening passive collapse   Yes or no
Diagnostic OBRD-L observed BRD lesions Adhesions   Yes or no
Edema   Yes or no
Emphysema   Yes or no
Acute lesions   Yes or no
Chronic lesions   Yes or no
Abscess   Yes or no
  1. aParameters are shown with their abbreviated name and, in parentheses, the units or possible range of values
  2. bParameter abbreviations are explained in this column
  3. cImage clarity, light output, focusing capability and pixelation of zoomed images