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Table 1 Morphometric parameters of mice blastocysts from all groups

From: Maternal selenium-supplementation at various stages of periconception period: influence on murine blastocyst morphology and implantation status

Groups n Morphometric parameters
Mean embryo diameter (MED) μm Mean zona pellucida diameter (MZPD) μm Embryo area (EA) μm2 Zona pellucida area (ZPA) μm2 Emrbyo perimeter (EP) μm Zona pellucida perimeter (ZPP) μm
Group I 12 21.20±0.93 25.17±1.07 376.18±33.81 509.38±41.63 68.01±3.13 79.31±3.33
Group II 15 19.86±0.59a 22.94±0.61a 317.94±18.97a 418.83±21.36a 62.90±1.71a 72.30±1.69a
Group III 13 18.60±0.58a 21.65±0.54a* 275.28±15.02a* 376.46±18.32a* 58.57±1.65a* 68.56±1.72a*
Group IV 20 20.21±0.43a 23.49±0.44a 301.94±12.41a* 422.88±15.13a 61.39±1.24a 72.70±1.27a
  1. Values are given as mean±SEM. n = number of blastocyst
  2. Values with the same letters in the treatment groups within column are not significantly different
  3. Values in the treatment groups with asterisk are significantly different from the unsupplemented group
  4. Group I (Unsupplemented group), Group II (Pregestation only group), Group III (Pregestation-to-gestation group), and Group IV (Gestation only group)