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Table 5 Monitoring the phosalone residues in ewes fed the experimental treatments in two sampling periods

From: Effects of phosalone consumption via feeding with or without sodium bentonite on performance, blood metabolites and its transition to milk of Iranian Baluchi sheep

Item Period 1 (week 5) SEM Period 2 (week 9) SEM
P2 P3 P2 P3
Residues (mg/kg milk) 0.630a 0.055b 0.027 0.608a 0.054b 0.029
Residues (mg/total milk production/day) 0.641a 0.066b 0.032 0.623a 0.062b 0.029
Transfer rate to Milk (%) 0.23a 0.02b 0.011 0.22a 0.02b 0.010
Residues in faecal (mg/kg DM) 2.210b 2.340a 0.007 2.204b 2.334a 0.006
Residues in faecal (mg/total faecal excretion/day) 0.945 0.913 0.067 1.009 1.046 0.025
Resides in urine (mg/L) 0.190b 0.320a 0.009 0.196b 0.318a 0.011
  1. a, bValues containing different letters in each row are significantly different (P < 0.05)
  2. P2 = phosalone administered in dose of 280 mg/day/ewe; P3 = phosalone (280 mg/ewe/day) and SB (32 g/ewe/day) fed for 63 consecutive days
  3. Phosalone residues not detected in treatment P1 and P4, so they withdrew from the statistical analysis