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Plate I

From: Effects of dexamethasone on progesterone and estrogen profiles and uterine progesterone receptor localization during pregnancy in Sahel goat in Semi-Arid region

Plate I

Progesterone receptor staining of Sahel goat uteri during first trimester (day 28 of gestation). Arrow heads indicate moderate positive progesterone receptor (PR) staining (2+) and eosinophilic cells while arrow indicates strong positive staining (3+) for progesterone receptors (PR) and endometrial lymphocyte. Plate Ia (Control goat): Progesterone receptor staining indicated moderate positive staining (2+) in the stromal, luminal and glandular epithelia cells (IHC × 100). Plate Ib (Dexamethasone treated goat): Progesterone receptor staining showed strong prositive staining (3+) in the glandular epithelia cells, moderate positive staining (2+) in the stromal and luminal epithelia cells (IHC × 100)

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