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Table 4 Effect of feeding FDGL on plasma glucose kinetics in sheepa

From: Effect of feeding garlic leaves on rumen fermentation, methane emission, plasma glucose kinetics, and nitrogen utilization in sheep

Items Dietb SEMc P-value
Control FDGL
Body weight gain (kg/d) 0.06 0.09 0.039 0.506
Basal plasma glucose concentration (mmol/L) 3.79 3.68 0.076 0.273
Plamsa glucose turnover rate (mmol/(kg BW0.75·h)) 1.39 1.59 0.083 0.092
  1. aValues represent means of six sheep
  2. bControl diet: mixed hay (orchardgrass and reed canarygrass) and concentrate (60:40); FDGL diet: Control diet plus FDGL
  3. cSEM, standard error of mean