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Table 1 Milk yield and kit growth of four exotic breeds of Rabbit in Ibadan

From: Milk yield and kit development of four breeds of rabbit in Ibadan, Nigeria

Parameters Fauve de Bourgogne Chinchilla British Spot New Zealand White ±SEM
Initial doe weight (g) 2265.64 2277.00 2340.27 2201.00 54.62
Final doe weight (g) 2335.94b 2492.00a 2422.45a 2302.36b 36.79
Gestation length (days) 31.47 31.55 32.09 31.73 0.17
Average kit weight at birth (g) 47.19b 50.95a 47.99b 45.51b 1.95
Litter size (nos of kits) 5.17 5.43 5.89 6.50 0.47
Doe gestation weight change (g) 108.00b 187.63a 82.18bc 62.50c 29.13
Litter size at weaning (nos of kits) 3.56 3.80 3.67 4.00 0.35
Weight of doe at weaning (g) 2237.33c 2583.50a 2401.17b 2507.17a 54.16
Doe lactation weight change (g) 20.33b 45.67b −4.50c 196.17a 49.71
Average kit weight at weaning (g) 468.46c 575.42b 609.13a 512.32c 32.29
Milk yield (g) 253.14b 315.80a 350.65a 277.47b 22.61
Survival rate (%) 76.98b 87.670a 75.10b 74.31b 5.98
  1. a, b, c: means in the same row with different superscripts are significantly (P < 0.05) different. SEM: Standard Error of Mean