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Table 2 Mean values of the Temperature (T) and the Relative Humidity (RH) determined with (WiB) or without (WoB) bath treatments immediately before leaving the farm. Birds were located in one of 6 different container compartments: superior front (SF), inferior front (IF), superior middle (SM), inferior middle (IM), superior rear (SR) and inferior rear (IR)

From: In-transit development of color abnormalities in turkey breast meat during winter season

  Vehicle compartments WiB WoB Average
#T (°C) SF 6.28 13.93 10.10b
IF 7.06 14.38 10.72ab
SM 6.47 13.97 10.22b
IM 7.91 15.89 11.90a
SR 6.71 14.27 10.49ab
IR 7.99 15.87 11.93a
CV = 15.62% Average 7.07B 14.71A  
$RH (%) SF 61.77A,c 50.07B,a 55.92
IF 66.60A,c 49.38B,a 57.99
SM 65.93A,c 50.22B,a 58.07
IM 74.39A,ab 50.34B,a 62.36
SR 67.77A,bc 50.73B,a 59.25
IR 75.25A,a 50.66B,a 62.95
CV = 11.74% Average 68.62 50.23  
  1. a-cDifferent letters on the same column indicate significant differences, as measured by the Tukey test (P < 0.01). A-B Different letters on the same line indicate significant differences, as measured by the Tukey test (P < 0.01). $ The analyzed variables exhibited interaction to each other (P < 0.01). # The analyzed variables did not exhibit interactions with each other (P ≥ 0.01). n = 32 transport journeys