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Table 3 Phenotypic correlation coefficients of individual variability in number total born piglets (Range_TBP), maximum and minimum number of total born piglets (TBP_Max and TBP_Min), and in addition both the number piglets born alive in first parity (NBA_first) and the individual relative number of still born piglets (SB_rel)a obtained from RA01 (n = 5509, above diagonal) and from RACOM (n = 3926, below diagonal), Pearson correlation coefficients were significant at P < 0.0001, besides those marked by superscript letters

From: Maximum number of total born piglets in a parity and individual ranges in litter size expressed as specific characteristics of sows

  RA01 (above diagonal)
   Range_TBP Max_TBP Min_TBP NBA_first SB_rel
RACOM Range_TBP ------  0.478 −0.669 − 0.145 0.079
(below diagonal) Max_TBP 0.475 ------- 0.316 0.277 0.287
Min_TBP −0.672 0.332 ------- 0.392 0.159
NBA_first −0.219 0.257 0.452 ------- 0.011b
SB_rel 0.086 0.286 0.148 −0.003c ------
  1. aSB_rel was based on phenotypic on all available parities observations on still births adjusted for fixed effects of breed indicator (within RACOM), parity number, herd, year and season using the basic data set (in total, 63,000 records in RA01, 41,500 records in RACOM) for all sows included in the current study
  2. bP = 0.4256
  3. cP = 0.8437