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Table 5 Comparison of rheological properties between beef types and between aging methods

From: Changes in free amino acids and hardness in round of Okinawan delivered cow beef during dry- and wet-aging processes

  Beef type Aging method SEM† P values in ANOVA‡
  Australian Okinawan wet aging dry aging Beef type Aging method
Breaking stress (Pa) 1.3E+06 1.1E+06 1.2E+06 1.3E+06 6.9E+04 * ns
Strain of breaking point (%) 68.4 64.7 66.8 66.3 1.6 ns ns
Sharing stress (N) 20.6 19.5 19.7 20.5 9.6E+05 ns ns
Strain of sharing point (%) 74.5 69.4 72.8 71.1 2 ns ns
  1. Values are least-square means (n = 3). †Pooled standard error of the mean. ‡Asterisks indicate *P < 0.05 in analysis of variance