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Table 1 Least square means of WBSF and TPA texture profiles for six Hanwoo steer muscles of raw meat and cooked at 70 °C after aged for 3 days

From: Mechanical texture profile of Hanwoo muscles as a function of heating temperatures

Musclesǂ WBSF(kgf) Hardness(kgf)Ψ Springiness Cohesiveness Chewiness
Raw Cooked Raw Cooked Raw Cooked Raw Cooked Raw Cooked
PM 2.87bY 3.99cX 2.47cbY 4.22cX 1.04aX 0.49dY 0.01 0.01b 0.16aX 0.00cY
LT 2.74bY 4.30bX 2.09cY 5.86bX 0.69c 0.74cb 0.01Y 0.02abX 0.04b 0.02c
GM 3.25bY 4.56bX 2.91cbY 6.13abX 0.93abcX 0.70cY 0.01 0.01b 0.1ab 0.08bc
SM 4.01bY 5.06bX 3.19bY 6.50abX 0.98ab 0.85b 0.01Y 0.01aX 0.1ab 0.24b
BF 6.07aY 7.59aX 4.42aY 7.71aX 1.06a 1.18a 0.01Y 0.02aX 0.14aY 0.48aX
TB 7.64aY 8.46aX 6.42aY 8.96abX 0.76bc 0.89bc 0.01 0.01b 0.09ab 0.12bc
SEM 0.92 0.29 0.32 0.51 0.09 0.07 0.001 0.002 0.02 0.06
F value (Muscle df 5/53; Treatment df 1/107)
 Muscle 6.85*** 8.46*** 9.56*** 5.36*** 2.84* 11.6*** 0.61 3.92** 2.7* 10.5***
 Treat. 7.50** 115.32*** 4.38* 2.27 4.33*
  1. ǂPM, Psoas major; LT, Longissimus thoracis; GM, Gluteus medius; SM, Semimembranosus; BF, Biceps femoris; TB, Triceps brachi. a-c, means within each column with different superscripts are significantly different
  2. X, Ymeans within each row with different superscripts are significantly different
  3. ***p < 0.001, **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05. df, degrees of freedom
  4. ΨHardness: the peak force that occurs during the first compression, Springiness = Length 2/Length 1; Cohesiveness = Area 2/Area 1; Chewiness = Hardness x Springiness x Cohesiveness (Fig. 2)