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Table 2 Effect of nZnO levels on ruminal pH and redox (after 72 h of incubation)

From: In vitro evaluation of nano zinc oxide (nZnO) on mitigation of gaseous emissions

Effects Alfalfa Maize silage Control 100 μg g−1 200 μg g− 1 500 μg g− 1 1000 μg g− 1 SEMa P value
Feed nZnO nZnOa
pH 7.22x 6.94y 7.09a 7.07a 7.08a 7.07a 7.08a 0.001 <.0001 0.644 0.401
Redox -300x -301x -301a -301a -300a -302a -299a 9.004 0.748 0.947 0.217
  1. aData’s are presented as least square means per treatment ± SEM
  2. Means followed by the same letters (x/y/a/b/c/d) in each row are not significantly different at P ≤ 0.05