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Fig. 1

From: Single nucleotide polymorphisms in candidate genes associated with milk yield in Argentinean Holstein and Holstein x Jersey cows

Fig. 1

Effect of different SNP genotypes on milk production. Genotypes for SNPs from ARL4A (a) and PRLR (b) genes are shown in the x-axis and 305-day cumulative milk production (Kg) in the y-axis. Dot bars and white bars denote the whole population and the Holstein subpopulation, respectively. The number of animals presenting each genotype is indicated inside each bar. Homozygote GG for rs43375517 or AA for rs135164815 vs heterozygote, aap < 0.005; ap < 0.05. Homozygote 1 vs homozygote 2, bbbp < 0.0005; bbp < 0.005; bp < 0.05. Heterozygote vs homozygote CC for rs43375517 or GG for rs135164815, cp < 0.05

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