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Table 1 Species and breeds of Bovidae with the sequence of NDN gene studied and the accession numbers of all the sequences published in the GenBank

From: Sequence variation of necdin gene in Bovidae

Breed Species Number Country Accession Numbers
Achai Indicine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196877-JX196879
Angus Taurine cattle 3 USA JX196880-JX196882
Bhagnari Indicine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196883-JX196885
Brangus Indicine x taurine cattle 3 USA JX196886-JX196888
Cholistani Indicine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196889-JX196891
Dajal Indicine cattle 2 Pakistan JX196892-JX196893
Dhanni Indicine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196894-JX196896
Hereford Taurine cattle 3 USA JX196897-JX196899
Holstein Taurine cattle 3 USA JX196900-JX196902
Lohani Indicine cattle 2 Pakistan JX196903-JX196904
Nari Master Indicine x taurine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196905-JX196907
N’Dama African cattle 2 Nigeria JX196908-JX196909
Muturu African cattle 2 Nigeria JX196910-JX196911
Red Sindhi Indicine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196912-JX196914
Sahiwal Indicine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196915-JX196917
Sokoto Gudali Indicine cattle 2 Nigeria JX196918-JX196919
Tharparker Indicine cattle 3 Pakistan JX196920-JX196922
White Fulani Indicine cattle 3 Nigeria JX196923-JX196925
Yak B. gruniens 3 Pakistan JX196926-JX196928
Nili-Ravi B. bubalis 1 Pakistan JX196873
Ravi B. bubalis 2 Pakistan JX196874 JX196875
Nili B. bubalis 1 Pakistan JX196876
Kajli O. aries 1 Pakistan JX196929
Finn O. aries 6 USA JX196930-JX196932
Dorset O. aries 2 USA JX196933 JX196934
WAD O. aries 1 Nigeria JX196938
Beetal C. hircus 1 Pakistan JX196939
White C. hircus 1 Pakistan JX196940
WAD C. hircus 2 Nigeria JX196941 JX196942
Red Sokoto C. hircus 2 Nigeria JX196943 JX196944