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Figure 1

From: Length polymorphism in OGT between Korean native pig, Chinese Meishan, and the Western pig breeds

Figure 1

Genotypes of OGT in different pig breeds and their schematic diagram. (A). The fragments containing the intron 20 of OGT from the Western pig breeds including Duroc (D), Landrace (L), and Yorkshire (Y) with BB genotypes (631 bp) were compared to those from Korean native pig (K) and Chinese Meishan (M) pigs with AA genotypes (350 bp). Single lane represents each breed for D, L, and Y (lanes 1–3) and two lanes are included for K (K1 and K2, lanes 5–6) and M (M1 and M2, lanes 7–8) with molecular weight (MW) marker. (B). Schematic diagram comparing the intron 20 of OGT between K, M (above) with AA genotypes and the Western (D, [K], L, and Y) (below) pig breeds with BB genotypes. The intron 20 of OGT from K and M was 233 bp, whereas that from D, (K), L and Y was 514 bp. The longer intron 20 of OGT from the Western breeds contained an inserted 276-bp element () near the beginning of the intron and the 5 bp-ACTTG (---) insertion in the middle of the intron.

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